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Eileen Simkiss

The Story Weighing The Odds The Houses On The Green The Story

Set over two decades, from the grim post-war 1950’s to the growing affluence of the 1970’s, three very different lives are intertwined.

Sally Steadman, the indulged, temperamental child of aspiring parents, her heart set on a career in music.

Johnny Marshall, the son of a back street bookmaker making his way out of the terraced streets of his childhood at any cost.

Alice Spencer, daughter of a controlling father and downtrodden mother, struggling to find her independence.

All three are forced to make compromises which change their lives forever.

A small community living in terraced property on the edge of an inner city clearance area is threatened with compulsory purchase.

The owners of the properties, an ex-army officer, leads the fight to save their homes and takes his case to the town hall where he faces strong opposition.

Despite their varied backgrounds, the small community learns to pull together in a bid to overcome the arbitrary decisions made by the authorities.

Set a time when massive slum clearances were taking place in most major cities, the story is a realistic representation of life in the fifties.

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